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Voice lessons are not just about singing. As your coach I am here to listen to your vocal and musical requirements, and will cover the following topics, as needed:



  • Vocal Technique - range, intonation, style, strength, health

  • Vocal Therapy - for damaged voices

  • Vocal Coaching - for jazz, pop, rock, R&B, pure tone voice 

  • Microphone and Studio Technique

  • Ear Training and Sight Singing

  • Delivery, Stage Presence, Confidence


  • Lyrics - metaphor, rhyme schemes, story

  • Melody and Harmony - how the melody works with the chords

  • Song Structure 

  • Arrangement 


  • Getting to know your loop pedal

  • Timing and feel

  • Arrangement and planning the song

  • Vocal techniques - beat boxing, body percussion, harmonies and layering

  • Bringing it to performance

PACK OF 4 One-Hour Voice Lessons - ONLINE

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