What is "The Great Song Cycle"?

More than just a concert tour on a bicycle. The Great Song Cycle, Down Under is a totally unique, multi-faceted project that can essentially be described as a 2000 mile, zero-emissions, solo-female concert tour that takes in the breathtaking landscape and communities of Australia by bicycle. 


What gives my way of touring a unique edge is that I am combining two very different aspects of myself: the restless adventurer who loves to live simply, sleep under the stars, bathe in freezing lakes, talk to strangers, deepen my smiley lines, and doesn’t mind turning my socks inside-out to save on weight, with the elegant singer-songwriter, who wears beautiful dresses, a touch of makeup, requires a modicum of stillness and routine to write songs, and performs concerts around the world.


The concept of The Great Song Cycle is how I’ve managed to avoid simply running away from one dream (to be a professional musician) in pursuit of another dream (to be a bad-ass vagabond), but rather combining them into one mega-dream!

When We Travel - Joanna Wallfisch
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