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"[Joanna's] crystalline voice brings to mind early recordings by that legendary songstress [Joni Mitchell] as well as the less heralded work of British jazz singer Norma Winstone."

— The Wall Street Journal

"The album is at once boldly individual and sublimely subtle...★★★★"

— Jazzwise Magazine 

"When Joanna Wallfisch is one stage one can do nothing but pay attention..."

— Downbeat Magazine

"The London-born singer-songwriter takes flight on the opening track “When We Travel,” her voice gliding and never forced along its journey as she reflects on a 1,154-mile bicycle trip to Los Angeles from Portland, Oregon. Listeners are given a glimpse of the exquisite vocal control and range Wallfisch has at her disposal."

Associated Press


"London-born vocalist and composer Joanna Wallfisch produces a towering achievement with this new album of (mostly) bittersweet songs and rich arrangements, using a large sonic palette to dramatic and highly musical effect."

— London Jazz Review (link to full article)

"Put quite simply, Blood & Bone is both the sound of a broken heart laid bare and 

the sonic summation of a journey toward its reconstruction. It's an album informed by the gravitas of naked truth, finding vocalist Joanna Wallfisch creating and delivering a singular blend of poise, pain, and passion with startling clarity...(her band) provide a rasied platform to stand on... all join in solidarity with Wallfisch to help produce musical beauty of a many-colored sort that speaks to straight to the human condition...★★★★"

All About Jazz (link to full article)


"Her tales have not only a reflective, poetic quality but a directness too, venturing into acoustic country-pop that has echoes of singer-songwriters such as Carole King or Glen Campbell... her songs, with their intelligent craft eschew MOR clichés...★★★"

Jazzwise Magazine




"This is quintessential heart-music by a vocalist who seems to have connected with the deepest recesses of her being emerging into brightness again with songs of haunting beauty. Listening to the way Miss Wallfisch seductively bends notes and sculpts phrases it is clear that there’s not a single lyrical word or note that hasn’t been fastidiously considered."

— The World Music Report (link to full article)

“Sublime voice. . .truly unique”

— The Telegraph (UK)

Joanna Digippak 4pocket7 copy.jpg

A truly beautiful listen from start to finish”

— PopMatters​​

“An exquisite singer-songwriter album...Refined and elegant...★★★★"

— DownBeat 


“Bold, dramatic and powerful”

— JazzTimes


“Ushering you into a magical sound world that references everything from The Third Stream stylings of Chic Corea and Gary Burton’s Lyric Suite for Sextet to the songs of Kurt Weil, and everything in between, Gardens In My Mind is an album full of beautifully crafted pieces that all make an indelible impression...★★★★"

— Jazzwise 

“Beautiful, intimately confessional and expressive. . . a compelling journey of experimentation and adventure”

— London Jazz News



“[With her] clear-eyed poetry. . .Wallfisch combines the intimate purview of a singer-songwriter with the technical liberties of a jazz improviser. Crossing boarders and flouting rules seem to come naturally to the youngest child of a renowned classical-music dynasty.”

— Steve Smith, The Boston Globe​​

“Wallfisch, a daring young jazz singer who relocated from London to New York continues to make her presence felt.”

— Time Out New York


“Sensitive and deep”

— The New York Times

“The subtle chiaroscuro effects of dynamics, dissonance or vibrato, and her focussed, crystalline delivery will melt any purist’s heart...★★★★ 1/2

— Jon Garelick, DownBeat

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“Singer and poetic songwriter Joanna Wallfisch is a breath of fresh air on the jazz scene, and on this second CD reveals her considerable talents in a most intimate duo format.”

— Ken Franckling’s Jazz Notes

“A poetic writer with an uncommonly versatile voice”

— Corinna dFW, critic for The New York Times

“Joanna Wallfisch is a real discovery. Her clear and supple voice is able to convey her original compositions—and some imaginative covers—with great use of vocal color, superb diction and a strong emotional connection to what she sings. She is a first-rate musician in every way. The Origin of Adjustable Things is a remarkable, memorable and beautiful project that perfectly realizes her unique vision.”

— Fred Hersch

“Poised—Wallfisch’s vocal might be characterized by emotional understatement and restraint, but the performances and the duo’s intimate rapport are pretty mesmerizing...★★★"

— Jazzwise




“Striking vocals and creative songwriting. . .Joanna stands out as someone special”

— Ken Dryden - Hot House Jazz (New York)

“Wallfisch’s voice is like a glowing crescent moon”

— George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly


“Joanna is a vocalist taking risks and crossing musical chasms without a net”

— All About Jazz

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