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Thank you so much for booking your next music lesson with me!

Below are some easy to follow policy guidelines when booking lessons. 

  • Cancellation / Rescheduling: I understand that things can come up last minute, but please make sure that you give no less than 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your lesson. If you do miss a lesson without notice then it will be forfeited. If you need to cancel due to extenuating circumstances I will offer a recorded video lesson on what to work on in the mean time.  You can contact me via email:

  • Payment Schedule: After our initial lesson, I ask that you pay for 4 lessons (or one month) up front. This secures your weekly lesson time with me, and helps avoid any complications. I accept VENMO @jo-wallfisch and PayPal.

  •  Online lessons: I can do these via Zoom or FaceTime. I will not record lessons unless you request. Sometimes I advise you to record a lesson as it is useful to go back over what we've done later for reference. 


  • In Person Lessons and Pricing Break Down:  I use the standard freelancers calculation when going to people's homes for a lesson. It is always more expensive due to travel time and cost. If you would like to have in person lessons at your home I will calculate the cost of the lesson as follows: Normal lesson price + $15 per driving hour + 56c per mile. Example - Half hour piano lesson ($40) + 2hrs driving ($30) + 74miles (eg, Pasadena to Malibu rtn = $41) would total: $111. If this is the case, I always give an extra 10-15minutes for the lesson. 

  • Recording your lesson: I encourage you to record your lessons as a voice memo. This is for your personal use only, for your musical development. 

  • Covid-19 Safety: I will always wear a mask / face shield when teaching, and I request that any adults present also wear a mask. I do not require children under the age of 5 to wear a mask if doing early childhood / music fundamentals lessons. All classes will be held in an open air space, and everyone will be more than 6ft apart. I encourage kids to have their own instruments, which I can send a wish list for, so that there is less sharing. I will have hand sanitiser available, and I will clean all my instruments after each use. If you have been unwell or near anyone who might have been unwell, please inform me and we can move our lesson to online format. I reserve permission to cancel a lesson last minute if I feel unwell, and will endeavour to make it up when possible. However, if lessons are cancelled last minute (less than 24hrs) due to a student or someone in the household having Covid-19 then I do not waive the lesson. As stated above, I will create a lesson video in place of the lesson missed. 

Thank you!

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