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"Subtle chiaroscuro effects of dynamics, dissonance or vibrato, and her focussed, crystalline delivery will melt any purist’s heart.” - Downbeat Magazine | "A sublime voice." — The Telegraph, UK |"Her voice is like a glowing crescent moon." — Jazz Weekly​ | "An uncommonly versatile vocalist." — Corrinna dFW, NYTimes

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Joanna has worked on multiple film soundtracks and commercials, as both a vocalist, lyricist and songwriter.  Her original song “Satellite” is featured in the movie Pressure, starring Danny Huston, and she also wrote lyrics for the featured soundtrack song "Summer Rain". Other credits include: All the Beautiful Things (Sundance Film Festival, 2014), Desert Dancer (Dir. Richard Raymond. Orig Score Benjamin Wallfisch), Dear Wendy (by Lars von Trier. Orig Score Benjamin Wallfisch)  and Summer in February, starring Dan Stevens (Orig Score Benjamin Wallfisch). She is also the featured vocalist on the national ad campaign of Hillshire Farm.

Joanna is formally trained and has sight-reading ability. She currently sings with the Metropolitan Master Chorale, Los Angeles, and freelances in large and small vocal ensembles. Additionally Joanna is a voting member of the Recording Academy and is SAG eligible. 

Vocal Reel
Film & Commercial Credits


Joanna has been featured as a soundtrack vocalist, lyricist and/or songwriter on the following movies & commercials. 



First and foremost, I love to teach. With more than a decade of experience as a professional vocalist, it is a great honour to share my knowlege with others who have a dream of singing for their lives.  I love to work with vocalists of all abilities, from beginner to pro. I also work with actors who need to brush up their voices for a role. Additionally, if you are a songwriter looking for some guidance I am on the songwriting faculty at LA College of Music, and regularly teach songwriting workshops at various colleges, schools and privately, around the world. 


  • Vocal Technique - range, intonation, style, strength, health

  • Vocal Therapy - for damaged voices

  • Vocal Coaching - for jazz, pop, rock, R&B, pure tone voice 

  • Microphone and Studio Technique

  • Ear Training and Sight Singing

  • Delivery, Stage Presence, Confidence


  • Lyrics - metaphor, rhyme schemes, story

  • Melody and Harmony - how the melody works with the chords

  • Song Structure 

  • Arrangement 


  • Getting to know your loop pedal

  • Timing and feel

  • Arrangement and planning the song

  • Vocal techniques - beat boxing, body percussion, harmonies and layering

  • Bringing it to performance

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