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All songs written and arranged by Joanna Wallfisch

Produced by Joanna Wallfisch

Co-produced by Jesse Elder

Joanna Wallfisch - vocals, flute, keys, ukulele

Jesse Elder - piano, keys, organ, rhodes

Pablo Menares - bass

Kenneth Salters - drums

Elias Meister - guitar

Jared Engel - bango

Wayne Tucker - flugel horn, trumpet

The Solar String Quartet:

Tomoko Omura - violin, Leonor Falcon - violin, Allyson Clare - viola, Brian Sanders - cello

The Songbound Children's Choir, Mumbai (track BO BA BO)

"This is quintessential heart-music by a vocalist who seems to have connected with the deepest recesses of her being emerging into brightness again with songs of haunting beauty." 

World Music Report 

"An exquisite singer-songwriter" 

****Downbeat Magazine

"London-born vocalist and composer Joanna Wallfisch produces a towering achievement with this new album of (mostly) bittersweet songs and rich arrangements, using a large sonic palette to dramatic and highly musical effect."

London Jazz Review 

"Put quite simply, Blood & Bone is both the sound of a broken heart laid bare and 

the sonic summation of a journey toward its reconstruction. It's an album informed by the gravitas of naked truth, finding vocalist Joanna Wallfisch creating and delivering a singular blend of poise, pain, and passion with startling clarity...(her band) provide a rasied platform to stand on... all join in solidarity with Wallfisch to help produce musical beauty of a many-colored sort that speaks to straight to the human condition." 

 **** All About Jazz 


"Her tales have not only a reflective, poetic quality but a directness too, venturing into acoustic country-pop that has echoes of singer-songwriters such as Carole King or Glen Campbell... her songs, with their intelligent craft eschew MOR clichés" 

*** Jazzwise Magazine


“Sublime voice. . .truly unique”

The Telegraph (UK)

“A truly beautiful listen from start to finish”


"Summer Solstice"

for Best Arrangement Vocal and Instrumental

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